Punta Gorda

Not into groups, here is a list a activities you can do solo or in a small group. There are so many things to enjoy about Punta Gorda. The question is...where do you begin?

There is a lot to do in the Punta Gorda area. Sometimes, it's fun to take a day trip to go exploring Punta Gorda and nearby locations in Southwest Florida. They're good on the budget and not to far away, either. Once you're off the Information Superhighway, get out on the real highway or waterway.

This is really a “Night Trip” page. I’m always amazed when people think we don’t celebrate Christmas because the weather is warm. Near the end of November you will see people, sometimes a great party, decorating boats behind there homes. Then the fun begins!

Ponce de Leon Park is a treat by itself. Besides the fishermen and the boat traffic, there is a nature walk that goes over the mangroves. Also, in the park, is the Peace River Wildlife Center where the local vets and volunteers take care of injured birds and animals.

But it doesn't end there.

All who find Cabbage Key believe it’s their own secret discovery. Cabbage Key’s 100 acre island is located by Intracoastal channel marker 60. It’s about 20 water miles from Punta Gorda, beween Useppa Island and Cayo Costa. At different times of the year tour boats take visitors for lunch. It is accessible by private boats at any time. Many boaters stay for dinner and spend the night on their boats or in one of the rooms for rent. Some evenings are very lively, depending on who was traveling down the intracoastal waterway that day.

30 minutes south of Punta Gorda are the two homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. The furnishings and architecture of these gracious buildings are reminiscent of a bygone era, yet there are many innovations which we do not have in our homes today.